Graduate Learning Outcomes

Graduates of BSN program are expected to demonstrate responsibility and accountability to the nursing profession. They are required to:

• Adhere to the established patterns of professional practices, which supports the legal, religious, and ethical tenets of Pakistan.

• Incorporate the nursing process to provide safe, competent, and holistic nursing care to patients/clients in a variety of settings.

• Adopt and use scientific methods in critiquing and applying existing nursing theories and research findings.

• Demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills in interpersonal and professional interactions with peers, clients, patients, families and other professionals.

• Demonstrate competence in utilization of available resources to support needs of individuals, families, and communities in diverse settings.

• Exhibit the ability to coordinate activities related to the provision of health care for patients in various settings.

• Demonstrate awareness of the existing healthcare system and its policies as they affect the patient/client care.

• Foster leadership skills to promote development of the profession