Description of Educational Tours

Educational Tours

Educational tours are very important in several ways. They help students to learn through visual experience and can be an interesting way to explore new things for both the pupil and the tutor. RCN, beside curricular activities, also gives importance to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. RCN is the place which help students in their physical and mental grooming. For this purpose RCN arrange tours timely. Additionally, RCN aims to relate these tours to students’ academic so they may learn better.

As every year, RCN arranged tour for students’ present year as well. On the demand of students’ choice, they were taken to Lahore. The Lahore tour didn’t only refresh the minds of the students rather they enjoyed to limit with their friends and teachers. On the other hand, this opportunity was not availed by students rather the teachers’ motivation was highly encouraged.

Furthermore, in this tour students visited may type of the historical and other famous places of Lahore: Wagha border, Minaret Pakistan, Lahore Museum. Moreover, along with the beautiful journey they were pleased with delicious food of Lahore. Lahore was selected this time due to its historical importance as well the beauty of such a beloved city. Hopefully RCN will arranged thousands of tours like this for the refreshment and betterment of its students’ mental and physical grooming.