Study Tour

Study tours give learning and travelling exposure to students. For many years, RMI – RCN students have been taken to field trips to museums, historical sites and other culturally enriching places

This year BScN Year 3 Semester # VI, students visited Taxila which is located in Rawalpindi district. They went to see Mesolithic cave and the archeological remains of four early settlement sites, Buddhsits monasteries, Muslim mosque and madrassa. Moreover, on the way back students stopped by at Khanpur Dam as well and participated in recreational and competitive sports of Paragliding, Cliff Diving, Snorkeling, Jet skiing and Boating.

Faculty Accompany: M. Salman Alam (CNI), Ms Farhat Jahan (CNI), Mr Zulfeqar Ali (NI), Mr. Naveed Ali Shah (English Instructor), Mr. Irfan ullah (IT Instructor).