Nursing research is an important component of educational process. Nursing research has a remarkable influence on the present and future professionals of nursing practice. Nursing research places focus upon the use of evidence from research in order to rationalize nursing interventions. Traditionally it is believed that nurses are involved in either direct patient care or administrative aspects of health care settings. 
However around the world, throughout the 21st century, nursing research has become an important part of nursing education. RCN is no exception. Students and faculty since 2015 have been actively involved in the nursing research. With the grace of Allah, students and staff have completed almost 50 research projects as well as published 20 research articles in national and international healthcare journals. It is worth mentioning that last year in 2018-19, RCN published 12 research articles. In addition, it is expected that in the upcoming year there will be a rapid increase in the number of publications. Data collection tool developed by RCN team has been used by many researchers from different universities around the world.
The college has developed it research board comprising of highly qualified nursing scholars, the board coordinate and conduct different research activities including seminars, workshops, develop different tools and conduct research projects. 
The list of articles published by RCN faculty and students has been uploaded on RCN website.

Nursing research workshop at RCN

With the grace of Allah RCN organized its first research workshop in April 2019. Faculty members and students of multiple Nursing Colleges actively participated in the workshop. The workshop included a houseful training on SPSS, Manuscript writing and Qualitative data management. Poster and oral presentation of research were also included in this workshop.


Comprehensive and creative writing skills is something most of the graduates and students lack, be it doctors, paramedics or nurses. In order to promote creativity, and enhancing writing skills of the students, RCN magazine HEWAD provides an opportunity to improve the skills by writing different articles and essays.

  • Research Publications  27
  • Work in Progress 7
  • Research carried out 52
  • 3 of the published papers are in 'impact factor journals'
  • 4 of the papers are published in RJHS & 20 published in national & international journals