At RCN, we prioritize and encourage self-learning among our students. To achieve this, we have established seven Self-Learning Resource Centers (SLRC) on different floors of our campus building. Each SLRC provides seating facilities for up to 32 students, equipped with fast-speed internet access, electronic media (CDs, DVDs), and conventional book libraries, enriched with the latest global knowledge resources.

Our aim is to complement regular curricular knowledge and foster a proactive approach to education, empowering our students to excel beyond the confines of the classroom.

1. Empowering Self-Learning: Self-Learning Resource Centers (SLRC)
- Seven Dedicated SLRC Rooms
- Seating Capacity for up to 32 Students per Room
- Strategically Located on Different Floors of the Campus Building

2. Cutting-Edge Learning Facilities
- Full Fast-Speed Internet Access for Seamless Research
- Comprehensive Access to Electronic Media (CDs, DVDs)
- Rich Collection of Conventional Book Libraries with Global Knowledge Resources

3. Enriching Knowledge Beyond the Curriculum
- Empowering Students to Expand Their Learning Horizons
- Exploring Latest Global Knowledge Resources for Enhanced Understanding
- Access to Department/Library's List of Recommended Books