Research & Development



  • Number of publications: 40
  • Work in progress: 10
  • Research carried out: 63
  • 3 of the published papers are in ‘impact factor journals’.
  • 4 of the papers are published in RJHS and 36 published in national and international journals.
  • First Nursing Research workshop was organized in 2018 and second Nursing Workshop was organized in November 2021.

Success in University Exams

  • Diploma programmes in nursing
  • For consecutive 5 years RCN topped nursing exams in KMU (2008-2013)
  • Since 2013 RCN students consecutively secured top positions in KMU exams  


BScN toppers in year 2021



Intercollege competition winners

  • Ikram Ullah and Ubaid Ullah secure 1st position in Quiz Competition 
  • Yusuf Ul Islam wins 1st position in Urdu Speech competition held in RCAHS
  • Yusuf Ul Islam wins 2nd position in Urdu Debate 
  • Ikram Ullah and Ubaid Ullah win 2nd position in Quiz Competition held in RCAHS 
Yousaf ul Islam
Ikram Ullah & Ubaid Ullah