Proctorial Board

Ensuring a secure and supportive environment, our Proctorial Board is committed to fostering a campus culture built on integrity, discipline, and student well-being

Building Blocks for Nursing Excellence

A Proctorial Board is constituted for all colleges separately to maintain discipline on the campus. Rules and regulations are framed and are meant to be implemented & strictly observed to maintain a disciplined atmosphere. The Proctorial Board will take prompt action in case of misconduct and recommend appropriate punishment (i.e., fine, suspension, expulsion, rustication) for students found guilty and depending upon the seriousness of the offence. It shall also take all preventive measures against ragging.
Each Proctorial Board comprises of a Chief Proctor, Staff Proctors and Student Proctors (male
& female) from each class. The student proctors from each class, is selected by the head of institution, the chief proctor and staff proctors of the respective College keeping in view their personality, behavior, and performance.

Responsibilities of the Chief Proctor

  • Will head the proctorial board and will be responsible for overall discipline of the institution.
  • Deal with all violations of discipline. The Chief Proctor has the power to impose a range of penalties, including the payment of the fines and repair/ replacement costs. The maximum fine may be an amount to Rs.5000/-.
  • Make recommendations for changes to disciplinary rules and regulations and procedures in the light of experience from time to time.
  • Initiate disciplinary case against a student by referring the case to the College Disciplinary Committee for major penalties.

Duties of Staff & Student Proctors

The Staff Proctors shall:

  • Remain vigilant with regards to the day-to-day activities of the students.
  • Perform regular rounds of their respective campus.
  • See that the uniform code is properly observed by the students.
  • Check punctuality of students.
  • Help in maintaining college and class discipline.
  • Report any breach of discipline in writing to the Chief Proctor immediately.
  • Ensure smooth running of tests and examinations.

The Student Proctors shall

  • Be responsible for maintaining discipline in the College and Hospital premises.
  • Ensure enforcement of all discipline Rules and Regulations at his/her own level.
  • Report any violation of rules/ regulations immediately to any of the Staff Proctors.
  • Display a ‘Proctor’ badge all the time in College/ Hospital premises.