Sexual Harassment Committee

Dedicated to promoting a safe and respectful campus environment, our Sexual Harassment Committee is committed to addressing concerns, fostering awareness, and ensuring the well-being of all members of our academic community.

Comitte Members


Director RCN


Senior Lecturer (Male) – RCN


Vice Principal – RCAHS


Vice Principal – RCRS


Senior Lecturer (Female) – RCN

Guidelines and Protocols

  • The chair of the committee shall call a meeting within two working days when a case is forwarded to the committee from the principal’s office.
  • All members of the committee have equal decision-making rights.
  • Decisions shall be made based on the majority vote.
  • All members are expected to make independent decisions with fairness, and no one should influence others.
  • All members shall be given equal rights and time for discussion, and their views should be respected.
  • Meeting minutes shall be shared with the principal’s office within 24 hours of the meeting by a member of the Committee.
  • Recommendations of the committee should be duly signed by all members of the Committee.
  • For reference, document “Doc. No: RMI-HR-015” titled “Anti-Harassment Policy.” is in use.