Social Welfare Society

Join our Social Welfare Society, where compassion meets action. Together, we work towards creating positive change in our community through various initiatives, lending a helping hand to those in need, and fostering a culture of social responsibility and empathy among our students.

Compassion in Action

The Social Welfare Society appears to be a non-profit organization with a focus on improving the well-being of the community, particularly in the field of healthcare and education. Society’s aim and objectives highlight its commitment to providing various forms of assistance to those in need. Here’s a breakdown of the aim, objectives, and activities:

The aim of the Social Welfare Society is likely to promote social welfare and improve the lives of underprivileged individuals, with a particular focus on healthcare and education. Blood Arrangement for Needy Patients: The society aims to facilitate the provision of blood for patients in critical need through the organization of blood donation camps and maintaining a list of willing donors.
Society seeks to provide financial assistance to economically disadvantaged patients who require medical treatment, ensuring they have access to necessary healthcare.
To reach underserved populations in remote areas, society organizes free medical camps, where healthcare services are provided at no cost to those who cannot afford them.
Society aims to support academically capable but financially challenged students by providing them with financial assistance to pursue their education.
Apart from medical and educational support, the society extends help to poor and needy individuals to improve their overall quality of life.
Recognizing the importance of character building in the medical profession, the society arranges seminars or workshops to foster ethical and responsible behavior among medical students.

Our Activities

Explore the diverse range of activities at Rehman College of Nursing (RCN) that cater to the holistic development of our students, offering opportunities for personal growth, skill enhancement, and the cultivation of a vibrant campus community.

The society actively engages in caring for patients in hospitals, particularly those who cannot afford medical expenses, by providing financial aid for their treatment.
Regularly organizing medical camps in remote and underserved areas, providing free healthcare services, and distributing essential medicines.
Identifying deserving students from various educational institutions and granting them financial support to continue their studies.

Organizing blood donation drives to collect blood units and maintaining a database of donors for quick access during emergencies.

The Social Welfare Society’s activities demonstrate its dedication to enhancing the well-being of the community by addressing critical healthcare needs, providing educational opportunities, and extending support to those facing financial hardships. By focusing on both medical and educational aspects, the society aims to create a positive impact on society and contribute to the overall development of individuals and communities.