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Campus Publications

  • Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Diet and Exercise among Diabetic Patients for Normal Plasma Glucose Level. ~ Aurang Zeb

  • Knowledge and Practice of ICU Nurses Regarding Endotracheal Suctioning in Tertiary Care Hospitals, Peshawar ~ Mr. Aurang Zeb
  • Role of Informed Consent in Reducing Pre-Operative Anxiety~ Mr. Aurang Zeb
  • Prevalence of preoperative Anxiety among Patients~ Mr. Aurang Zeb
  • Barriers to Evidence Based Nursing Practice in Tertiary Care Hospitals of Peshawar, Pakistan~ Mr. Aurang Zeb
  • Nurses’ Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia~ Mr. Aurang Zeb
  • Knowledge and Practice of Nurses regarding CPR in Private Tertiary Care Hospital Peshawar, KP~ Mr. Muslim Shah
  • The impact of Nursing Education on Cardiac Patient’s Knowledge Regarding their Lifestyle in Tertiary Care Hospital Peshawar KP~ Mr. Muslim Shah
  • Comparison Of Stress Level Among Single and Double Jobber Nurses~ Mr. Sajid Iqbal
  • Nursing Students’ Anxiety Related to Clinical Experiences~ Mr. Sajid Iqbal
  • Nurses Awareness regarding Prevention of Nosocomial infections in Critical Care Areas of Private Tertiary Care Hospital~ Mr. Muslim Shah
  • Comparison Of Stress Level Among Single and Double Jobber Nurses~ Mr. Sajid Iqbal
  • Effective Teaching Methodology at Clinical: CIM or Written Assignments? ~ Mr. Aurang Zeb
  • Knowledge of self-breast examination among LHV and Nursing students ~ Mr. Aurang Zeb
  • Effectiveness of training session on Nurses practice of NG tube feeding ~ Mr. Aurang Zeb
  • Use of pamphlet as education tool for improving Nurses Knowledge of bedsore Prevention ~ Mr. Aurang Zeb
  • Infection Control in the Use of Urethral Catheter: Knowledge and Practices of Nurses ~ Mr. Muslim Shah
  • Practice of Nursing Care for Central Venous Catheter among ICUs’ Nurses in Private Tertiary Care Hospital Peshawar, KP ~ Mr. Muslim Shah
  • Patient Satisfaction from Nursing Care in Private Tertiary Care Hospital Peshawar ~ Mr. Muslim Shah
  • Tuberculosis awareness among nurses working in private tertiary care hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan ~ Mr. Muslim Shah
  • Effects of COVID-19 on metal health ~ Mr. Hassan Karim
  • Pamphlet as a Teaching Tool for Improving Nurse’s Knowledge Regarding Nasogastric Tube Feeding ~ Mr. Aurang zeb
  • Perceptions Of Newly Enrolled Nursing Students Regarding Clinical Practice ~ Mr. Aurang zeb
  • Patients’ knowledge regarding risk factors of cardiovascular diseases in Private Tertiary care hospital Peshawar Pakistan ~ Ms. Nizza